Local Work. Global Impact.

Ernest R. Blatchley III

## Clean, safe community water systems Dr. Blatchley and collaborators are developing low-cost, simple water treatment systems that can be used to improve drinking water quality in developing countries. For many people in these areas, water is not treated or is treated by boiling. Boiling of water has a number of negative implications, including variability of process control, contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, degradation of local (often indoor) air quality, and deforestation. Dr. Blatchley is leading an interdisciplinary service-learning class to develop community-scale water treatment systems for small towns in the Dominican Republic. These systems are being developed through collaboration with leaders in the affected communities and are intended to provide safe, affordable water, while promoting local economic activity and providing public health education. In related work, the Blatchley group is developing continuous-flow solar UV disinfection systems. These systems have been demonstrated to be effective for inactivation of the microbial pathogens that are responsible for the communicable diseases that affect local water supplies. These systems are currently being implemented in western Kenya, but may also be applicable in other near-equatorial areas.