Local Work. Global Impact.

Gebisa Ejeta

## World Food Prize Winner Born in 1950, Gebisa Ejeta grew up in a one-room thatched hut with a mud floor, in a rural village in west-central Ethiopia. His mother’s deep belief in education and her struggle to provide her son with access to local teachers and schools provided the young Ejeta with the means to rise out of poverty and hardship. His mother made arrangements for him to attend school in a neighboring town. Walking 20 kilometers every Sunday night to attend school during the week and then back home on Friday to attend school. In 1973, Ejeta was introduced to a renowned sorghum researcher, Dr. John Axtell of Purdue University who invited him to become his graduate student at Purdue University. This began a life-long journey leading to breakthroughs in breeding drought-tolerant and Striga-resistant sorghum. His work and passion has impacted millions of people. In 2009, Gebisa Ejeta receiving the World Food Prize.