Local Work. Global Impact.

Stephen Katsoras

Stephen Katsaros (ME ‘96) launched Nokero in 2010 with a mission to bring solar-powered light bulbs to the 1.3 billion people who live without electricity yet collectively burn 77 billion liters of kerosene a year in order to see at night. Worldwide, the burning of kerosene for light emits 190 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, causes respiratory illness and increases risk of accidental fire. In addition, for those with an income of $2 or less a day, the cost of kerosene consumes up to 20 percent of their wages. Through Nokero, more than 500,000 solar-powered lights have been sold to people in 120 countries in less than three years. For his work at Nokero, he was a 2012 World Design Impact Prize finalist. In 2012 he ranked 8th among a list of 33 Idea Mensch Entrepreneurs Who Make the World a Better Place.