Local Work. Global Impact.


  • Business: Agriculture Mechanization
  • CEO: David Wilson
  • Founded: 2016
  • Funding: $50,000.00
  • Use Of Funds:
  • Expand Manufacturing in Nigeria

Farmers in Nigeria face many barriers both to increase productivity, and to bring their crops to market. With sustainable farming practices, they have the potential to increase yield, but without physical access to inputs, that potential is often not realized. Post-harvest processes like threshing are tedious and time-consuming because they often must be done manually. Many smallholder farmers are located far from markets, so transporting the crops is either expensive, slow, or both. Poor roads and few vehicles means there will be delays in transporting the crops resulting in significant post-harvest losses, especially for perishable crops. In Nigeria, 85% of roads are unpaved and there are only 31 motor vehicles per 1000 people.

MAPS is poised to fill the gap in the market with the AgRover, a multi-purpose, utility vehicle which can be likened to a small truck or tractor. It can carry up to 1000 kg on or off road, power attachments, and pull field implements. The simple yet proven design keeps the cost low but provides high utility. Practically all trucks and tractors currently in Nigeria are imported and expensive. Additionally, the supply chain for replacement parts for agricultural equipment is more expensive and slow compared to commonly available road vehicles. The AgRover is unique because replacement parts are readily available. While the MAPS AgRover may not be appropriate for all smallholder farmers to purchase individually, through cooperatives or rental services, the utility of the AgRover can be made available to these farmers. With access to the AgRover, farmers will save time and money doing basic farm tasks like transportation, food processing, or even light tillage. With better market access and production efficiency, farmers will be able to produce more, increasing their incomes and the food supply.

Currently, MAPS is beginning to manufacture AgRovers in Nigeria in a workshop with several employees, graduates of a local technical training school. MAPS is seeking $50,000 in financing to increase manufacturing capacity in Nigeria.